PaperMech: LocoTap Board

LocoTap is a custom circuit board that can be used to control one 180 Servo and one 360/Continuous Servo without the need for programming. It is a project in collaboration with Abhishek Narula. We developed this board to support our workshops such as building percussion or paper mechatronics. It can be used to build anything kinetic by servo motors. 

We can use this board simply by plug-in servos (180° and continuous rotation servos) and choose one of the three modes below:

1. Automatic: The servos will automatically move back and forth and the speed and angle can be controlled using the knobs
2. Manual: The serovs will move only when the buttons are pressed and the knobs and control the speed and the angle of motion
3. Sensing: The board automatically maps the value of analog sensor value to the output, allowing the analog sensor to control the speed of the servo.